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JONO Design is a freelance graphic design service specialising in the design of documents in MS Word.

Do you want well designed, good quality documents that are distinctive?

Do you need to be able to update published documents to keep them current?

Do you need to be able to regularly publish information to the same standard and style?

Types of open space infographic
types of open space infographic
types of open space infographic

JONO Design provides a flexible solution that integrates design into MS Word documents to create good quality publications, such as:


Integrating design into MS Word documents and templates has the following benefits:

JONO Design...
creates documents, designs templates, converts and redesigns PDFs into MS Word

Use the links below to find out more about the graphic design services available and to see examples of work.

> reports
> bulletins
> newsletters
> data sheets
> leaflets
> stationery.

> easy to update and refresh documents as the need arises
> accuracy is maintained and shelf life is extended
> removes need for specialist software to make changes, such as adding a new
web address or updating a reference to legislation
> reduces costs in the long term
> keeps you in control.

Document Design

JONO Design uses MS Word to design documents so that they are ready to publish. Templates for MS Word and for MS PowerPoint presentations can be designed so that publications can be produced to a consistent style and quality. PDFs can be converted into MS Word, where they can be redesigned, updated and reused.

Brand Identity

JONO Design can help you develop your brand identity by creating logos and the accompanying brand guidelines to ensure that the brand represents your organisation and communicates your project aims.

JONO Design can create infographics to transform your data, information and knowledge into visual forms, helping to communicate your key messages and reveal your findings to your audience in a simple and memorable way.

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